A New Slogan Each Week!
Because Government Has Become A Joke - And I'm Tired of Being the Butt


Stop the Bleed, Vote Freed! 
Let Freedom Begin - Write me in! And ask your dead relatives to write me in too. No ID cards needed at voting booth!

Why vote for me? Because I know there are NOT 57 States. Because I don't have any friends who are terrorists! 

The only thing I take seriously is Freedom. 
And a really chill martini. 

I wear many different tiaras: Outrageous Optimist. Publicist for Happiness. Parody Maker. Hypocrite Slayer. 

My Mission:  First... Justice. Then, Martinis. Then... Justice. 
(translation, Saving the World from Stupid by removing roadblocks to happiness and entertainingly helping people get clued, not screwed. And Living Life on Exclamation Point!)

I believe we are all worthy of happiness. 
I believe that happiness comes from freedom. Freedom comes from Courage, and Courage comes from believing in yourself (see how that circle works?)
I believe that exploiters are replacing our backbones with wishbones and selling salvation in order to dis-empower us and create a culture of dependency.  
I believe America has confused leaders with deceivers.
I believe in community, not disunity.  
I believe we live in the most powerful time in history where we can be HEARD and not HERD. 
I believe people who dare to care about freedom, about happiness, about each other will wake up, stand up, speak up and expose those who prey on innocent people. I believe we need to encourage other people to sound the warning call if they truly care about their community. It’s time to get primal.

My religion is the Golden Rule. My bible is the Constitution and I worship at either Home Goods or a really good cozy pub.   

My Eight Truths: 

       1.Apathy limits opportunity; awareness and action limits the opportunists.
       2. Knowledge is power. 
       3. Actions speak louder than words
       4. Keep It Simple - unless you want to confuse and disempower people, then make it as complicated as possible.
       5.  I only chase drinks and dreams, not people. 
       6. The Only Free Cheese is in A Mousetrap
        7. You teach people how to treat you.
        8.  Happiness, Not Helplessness. 

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laurafreedtv.com  -  Like a martini...sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, always spirited. 

The Freed Report -  This is where I honestly review local spots and businesses  in Bucks and Montgomery County, Pa.  

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